Welcome to the Pikore leather accessories store! If you are not familiar with our brand, it’s time to change it! Let’s get acquainted!

The Pikore brand was founded in 2018 and from the first days we focused on the foreign market. We were not represented in Ukraine, but sold products to the countries of Europe and America through the Etsy  marketplace. After we achieved some success and received a positive feedback from foreign customers, we thought about opening our own branded online store for selling products manufactured in Ukraine around the world.

We offer bags, wallets, laptop cases, belts, as well as cases and belts for equipment. According to your sketch and description, you can order any leather accessory you want.

Initially, we conceived the brand outside the mass market category and adhere to this line to nowadays. We have typical product samples, but each of them can be changed for the client, thereby making the thing unique. For example, you can change the dimensions of the product, add pockets or compartment, etc.

Our production is located in Ukraine, every month we can produce more than a thousand products. Now we are working in the studio format, and are ready to adapt to the wishes of the client!

Pikore leather products are shipped worldwide. Now in our geography of sales more than 50 countries. You are welcome to join! We are sure that product quality and flexibility to customer needs will pleasantly surprise you!

We wish you a happy shopping on the pages of Pikore!